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Whether you are the one drafting a contract or entering into an agreement, you should be aware of the importance of legal advice.

Labour Law

The area of Labour law is one of the most risky spheres of the management of an entrepreneur.

Data Protection

With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation and the risk of high fines, data protection has become one of the most pressing tasks for companies.

Corporate Law

What we can provide with great experience: set up and amendments of companies; company registration; merger & acquisition, dissolution of companies, winding-up, bankruptcy and insolvency; set up of civil organizations; drafting contracts of companies; collection of outstandings

Real Estate Law

What we provide you with great experience: real estate and movable sales and gift agreements, rental contracts.

Trademarks, Trade Units

During the 23 years we made trademark applications on a regular basis, we conducted administrative transactions related to commercial units and helped clients in many-many other cases.

Thousands of civil and employment contracts, mutual agreements, dismissals, legal opinions.

Hundreds of company changes. Dozens of labor law and data protection audits, creation of companies. Processes, liquidations, payment orders.

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